Red Ink – Cricket Bat Care and Maintenance

Every Red Ink Cricket bat, regardless of size or grade is put through our knocking in machine during the final stages of the manufacturing process. The machine is designed to deliver consistent and even knocking in across the entire blade via a lignum vitae head which will strike the surface in excess of 5000 times. The edges of the blade are also boned and rounded to protect from damage. Whilst every care is taken to ensure the bat is fully knocked in before leaving the workshop due to the variety of each cleft, further knocking in may be required. We recommend following the below steps to ensure your bat is ready for action


We recommend a light coat of Raw Linseed oil prior to first use. A small coat (approx a cap full or teaspoon full) of oil should be applied to any exposed areas of wood except the splice area. We recommend applying this with your finger tips to ensure full coverage and no loss of oil through absorption into cloths. This coat should be left for 1-2 hours for the oil to start to soak in. Any residue should then be lightly buffed off using a dry cloth. The bat should be left overnight to dry completely. This should be repeated mid-way through and at the end of the season or whenever the bat looks dry.

Throw Downs

Prior to use in a game or nets, we suggest facing some throw downs or hitting gentle catches with an old good quality ball. Seam marks will more than likely appear. If more than light marks appear we suggest returning to the knocking in stage for further work.

Knocking In

Should your bat require further knocking in we recommend using a Hardwood mallet. Start by hitting the face of the bat with reasonable force so you start to see small dents. Don’t worry this is normal. Work your way over the entire face of the blade ironing out these dents forming a flat surface. Only hit the face of the bat- do not hit the flat of the edges 90 degrees to the face as this will cause damage to the blade. Each bat is different so exact times to knock in vary. Attention should be paid to the edges and toe as these are the areas most susceptible to damage

General Maintenance

Due to the nature of the game, your bat is subject to a lot of punishment during its life and due to the natural raw materials used, will show signs of wear & tear and damage from impacts. You should regularly check your bat for any damage and look to resolve these as soon as possible. Minor damages are easily repaired and can stop further damage occurring. Failure to carry out the repairs can cause irreparable damage. A full repair service is available,via our products page.