There are some outstanding brands and bat makers out there, dealing with international players past and present. Some with a history dating back to the start of the game, others more recent but still very well established. So how do you get noticed in a crowd, especially when that crowd is pretty big and full of some very well-known names.

You can get an outstanding product, backed by years of experience and knowledge and a pretty hefty budget from any of the big brands. Does that make it a better product than a smaller brand? Not necessarily, just makes them easier to find.

So what will you get from Red Ink that you may not from a larger brand? A quality handmade product made from start to finish by someone you can talk to and customer service to match. You aren’t just another customer, you are someone who is helping to spread the word about Red Ink.

I have worked hard and invested heavily to take the products from the rough around the edges bat you read about in the first post, to a thriving brand with outstanding feedback. Every aspect of the brand is thought through and designed by me. From the stickers, to the pads, the gloves and the bags. Rather than using stock designs from suppliers, each product is designed in house and produced using the finest materials and to the highest of standards.

When you need to stand out in a crowd, you need something which sets you apart from everyone around you. Hopefully, a quality handmade bat and outstanding soft goods, all designed in house, help to make Red Ink stand out a little further