Zaras – Senior Cricket Bat


Conforming to the new laws, the Theos profile is a bat with large edges and a full profile. A good size spine shallows towards the splice enabling wood to remain in its large elongated swell.

A balanced pick up and excellent value for shots, a must for any kit bag and the choice of our master bat maker John Collings


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The Zaras combines a high spine and sizeable edges from toe to shoulder. The addition of an extended mid swell gives this blade power where you need it and ensures the bat performs on both low and bouncier pitches. A stunning addition to the range and a must for any kit bag.


Bat Features…

  • Extended mid swell
  • Generous Edges throughout the blade
  • Bowed Blade
  • Substantial Sweet Spot
  • Excellent Pick-up

Additional information

Willow Grade

X*, X1, X2, X3


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